2017 Shorinji Kempo World Taikai and Study Session (70th Shorinji Kempo Anniversary)

2017 Shorinji Kempo World Taikai has held in San Mateo, CA, USA on July 30, 2017 and followed by International  Shorinji Kempo Study Session  as a series of the 70th Anniversary of Shorinji Kempo which ended on August 2, 2017.

A total of 22 countries joined this Shorinji Kempo World Tournament.  Indonesia followed 10 matches of the total 18 numbers that competed .

Indonesian large group which consisted of  81 people participated in the 2017 World Taikai lead by Mr Esthon Leyloh Foenay as the Chefs de Mission .

Beside the athletes who would compete in the Taikai there are also Kenshi who will take the Dan-Grading, Kenshi who would take  the Branch Master Certificate, Kenshi who would attend the Study Session and some  Team Officials came together in this Big Team.  Even the Governor of East Nusa Tenggara Province Mr Frans Lebu Raya also participated to guide the  East Nusa Tenggara  Kenshi, and Regent of Lahat (South Sumatra) Aswari Rivai who guided his daughters.  From the Executive Board of PERKEMI (Indonesia Shorinji Kempo Federation),  the President  Indra Kartasasmita Sensei , Vice President Kusumo A  Martoredjo Sensei, Deputy Secretary General Roy E Djoenaid  joined in this group too.

Before the match Indonesian Team was hosted by the  Consul General of Indonesia in San Francisco, Mr Ardi Hermawan. After enjoying lunch and singing together a souvenir exchange was held.


3 (three) Gold Medals for :

  1. Man Embu (1st Dan) : Frenki Falentino Gewe & Rama Falentino Ngeta
  2. Kyu Kenshi Embu : Arief Hery Purwanto & Randaka M Putra Minfini
  3. Woman Embu (Kyu Kenshi) : Dewinda Verina Pinis & Romana Claudia Kenshu Balla

3 (three)  Silver Medals for :

  1. Man Embu 2nd-Dan : Mugara & Haggis Mugara Avdalah
  2. Man Embu Kyu Kenshi : Ade Kotia Saputra & Aris Purnomo
  3. Man Kyu Kenshi Tanen : Brendely Delevento Heo (Bringely Delevento)

4 (Four) Bronz Medals for :

  1. Woman Embu Kyu Kenshi : Aviva Amelia iskandar and Dinda Rizky Amalia
  2. Men & Woman Embu Yudansha : Soraya Afifah & Mohammed Samsiar
  3. Group Embu : Permata Toba Rajagukguk, Helena Elan Missa, Kartika Thalia Natazia Toh, Megawati, Christine Selan, Danni Pramana Rohi, Fabryan Cornelis Lomi
  4. Woman Kyu Kenshi Tanen : Tessa Marini Rohi Kanni

Indonesia also grabbed the 6th Ranks for these numbers :

  1. Man Master Embu : Muhammad Riza Rivai & Daud Rante Alinan (5th-Dan)
  2. Man Embu (3rd-Dan) : David Suleman & R Ganji Raga Bangsa
  3. Man Embu (2nd-Dan) : Revy Pratama Syam & Erik Syahputra

Dun Samphors from Cambodia under the coach of Indonesian Coach Yanuarizal Sensei (6th-Dan) also won a Bronze Medal, in Tanen Embu. Yanuarizal Sensei also obtained the Branch Master Certificate and International Judge.


Indonesia sent 5 people to take the Exam according to its level and the sixth declared to pass as follows:

  1. 4th-Dan : Zulkarnain Idris (Chairman of the Board of Jakarta Province)
  2. 5th-Dan : Bonay Syamsuddin (Vice Chairman of the Board of South Sulawesi Province)
  3. Dai-Kenshi : Elisabeth Prahmanawaty (Jakarta Province)
  4. Dai- Kenshi : Moh Riza Rivai (Jakarta Province)
  5. Dai-Kenshi : Sutji Setiawan (Jakarta Province)


This program can be followed by all Kenshi at least KYU I level, and Indonesia has 60 people and successfully graduated by obtaining International Study Session Certificate.


This program is intended for kenshi of a State that trains in other countries, in this case Indonesia has a trainer who trains in Cambodia on behalf of Yanuarizal Sensei ( 6th-Dan) and has received a certificate of Branch Master. Thus he also becomes the International Instructor.


Yanuarizal Sensei  also took  “International Judge” exam and has passed successfully.


One of the Founding Figures of Shorinji Kempo East Nusa Tenggara Province (NTT) which included in the entourage Team Indonesia  Barnabas nDjurumana Sensei  has died on board a Cathay Pacific flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong at 4:00 pm San Francisco time (4th August 2017) due to heart attack. The remains finally brought to Kupang and after a funeral  in NOC (National Olympic Committee) Building in Kupang City Barnabas Sensei buried in his hometown  Lai Hawu Lewa, East Sumba Island on August 23.

Regent of Lahat (South Sumatra) Aswari Rivai Sensei handed over to Indonesia Consul General in San Francisco Mr Ardi Hermawan. Governor of East Nusa Tenggara Mr Frans Lebu Raya seen on the left.

Indra Kartasasmita Sensei, Urata Sensei and Hirayama Sensei (President USA Federation/ 2017 Taikai OC)

Nayla Aswari & Naurah Aswari

Indra Kartasasmita Sensei (President PERKEMI) received an Award Plaque from Yuuki So (President WSKO)

Frans Lebu Raya (Governor of East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia) delivering medal to the winner from Indonesia

Dun Samphors (Kingdom of Cambodia Shorinji Kempo Federation) 3rd winner of Tanen with Yanuarizal Sensei (6th-Dan) coach from Indonesia.

Kusumo Sensei (VP PERKEMI), Yuuki So (President WSKO), Esthon Foenay (Chefs de Mission) and Zulkarnain Idris (Chief of Jakarta PERKEMI)

Yuuki So is giving lecture

Vice President PERKEMI Kusumo Sensei (left) in Study Session

Indonesian Kenshi performed a traditional dance from Kalimantan Island

Yuuki So dance together in the Garden Party


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